Read what the rad dudes in Clueless had to say.

Clueless was formed in '99 in Enschede, the Netherlands.
It's been a while. We never got to buy identical houses in Beverly Hills next to one another, but other than that we had a really good run in the early zeroes.

A lot of shows in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and many other places. Some records, some singles. A videoclip here and there. We had a great time until we quit in 2013. But then we kinda missed doing this so we started making records again.

Touring isn't an option because, as a collective, we live in three different countries.

Sorry for that! However we love doing this, and thanks to a good internet connection we will keep on making music for a long time to come!

Floh / Drums - Willem / Bass - Daniel / Guitar - Tim / Vox and guitar

Info on the limited edition CCR tape release soon

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