BRACKET join Cat's Claw Records 16 January 2021

A big warm meow to Bracket

Welcome to the Cat's Claw Records family.

Please take off your shoes when you use the litter box.

The 15 year anniversary of 'Requiem' gets its debut Tape Cassette release

Pre-order goes live Jan 18th.

This will be released as a limited edition on both Clear and Gold tape cassette.

BRaCKET - Requiem gets its debut vinyl release.

The awesome humans at Bearded Punk Records will be releasing some lush vinyl (EU)

Them lovely Canadian humans at People of Punk Rock Records will be releasing lush vinyl (Canada/ North America)

Distro is not Dead 21 November 2020

Ooooooo Yeah....

CCR have some lovely tapes from MBNH Records. I only have 1 of each item so you better be on it like sonic.

New Website 10 November 2020

Welcome to the new Cat's Claw Records site...

We have some exciting new signings coming really soon.

Hells yeah!