Lookit, Martians!

Lookit, Martians! is a four-piece pop punk band hailing from Olympus Mons on planet Mars, but currently residing in Mannheim, Germany, Earth.

Founded by members of poppunk veterans The Barbecuties in response to the very unpunk pandemic and the resulting boredom on the planet, Lookit, Martians! made first contact with earthlings in 2020. While encountering incredible tristesse and social-distancing, these four extraterrestrials decided to stay and spread some groovy interstellar vibes next to secretly taking-over world dominance.

Stylistically, Lookit, Martians! is heavily influenced by old school pop punk (Nah! Not that modern cute boy suck-up stuff!) in the vein of bands like The Ramones, Green Day, Teen Idols or Teenage Bottlerocket. So if you’re into sugar-sweet girl meets boy vocals and hip-shaking harmonies, these Martians and Martianettes might exactly be your thing!

Lookit, Martians! is:

Fee - Vocals, Guitar
Sid - Vocals, Bass
Coli - Guitar, Vocals
Sven - Drums

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