Modern Shakes

London UK, Heart Felt punk rockers 'Modern Shakes'

These dudes have so much energy and grit, they really wear their heart on their sleeve and write the kind of music that gives you a comforting hug on a cold day with enough drive to get you running round in circles chasing your tail :)

Modern Shakes - Someday, One Day/Murmur

FFO: Banner Pilot, The Loved Ones, The Menzingers, The Lawrence Arms & The Flatliners

This will be a split release, with both Eps on one tape :)

Limited to just 25

Heart Attack Pink (Clear pink shell) (13)
Earths Hidden Sea (Blue) (12)

Digital version will be emailed on release date
12th August 21

You can stream both Ep's over at all your fave streaming sites.
As well as Bandcamp & YouTube

Tour Dates