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School Damage - Critical Excess

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Toxic Shock Blue (Tape Cassette - Transparent Blue Shell) 15 tapes
Puff, Puff, Pass Green (Tape Cassette - Flourescent Green) 15 tapes

School Damage will have an exclusive Tape Colour on Bile Duct Yellow. 10 tapes

This release is limited to a maximum of 40 Tapes

Toronto, Ontario's School Damage play the kind of snotty, slacker pop punk that makes you want to make you drink 40's straight from the bottle and take a piss through the sun roof of your yuppy neighbours Porsche.

The kind of jams that will make you sing loud till the blood vessels pop in your eye balls and your vocal cords beg for mercy.

School Damage play music that digs into your brain and makes a nice cosy home, be careful it may drink all your dopamine and fuck with your memories, but hey with music this rad, who gives a fuck.

School Damage - Critical Excess

Mom's Basement Records (Vinyl - USA)
I Buy Records (Vinyl - EU)
Cat's Claw Records (Tape Cassettes - UK)

Track Listing

  1. Debt Bed
  2. No Love
  3. Critical Excess
  4. Complacency
  5. Some People Actually Like Their Jobs
  6. Fall To Pieces
  7. If You Lived In Hell You'd Be Home By Now
  8. Detoxify Me
  9. Serotonin Party Massacre
  10. The Burnout
  11. Everything I Do I Do It For You
  12. Guts Are Gone
  13. Sweet Grief