Wrong Life - S/T

  • Wrong Life - S/T

Wrong Life - S/T

Having abandoned his MURDERBURGER suffix a year or so earlier, 2020 saw Fraser release the "New Sun" EP with a new band called WRONG LIFE.  In 2021, the "Dreamer's Gait" EP followed.  Then, the following year, a compilation album of those 2 sold-out EPs appeared.  But where was the long awaited debut album?   

There's a long answer and a short answer to that question.  Here's the short one: 

CCR will be releasing a super limited tape cassette version on two colours.

The 11 track debut album from WRONG LIFE is also available to pre-order right now.  4 limited vinyl colours are available from BRASSNECK in the UK/Europe and RAD GIRLFRIEND in the US.  

A CD version from LIMITED FUN RECORDS in the UK/Europe and WATERSLIDE RECORDS in Japan.

Pressing Information

Black shell x 25
White and Black split shell x 25

Total Tapes: 50

Each Tape comes with a limited edition, Wrong Life (Top Punks trading card)

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